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You're not a MAN you're just a male.

Updated: Jun 1, 2020

So lets get this sorted, a male in this context is a human gender, opposite that of a female, (just for the record I only believe in 2 predominate genders, biology's a motherfucker right).

A MAN is a title.

According to Merriam's a man is an adult male. Now I can agree with this as long as we thoroughly define the word "adult", because I know lots of males and given their chronological age you would think they were adults, but alas they're not. I'm not gonna define adult here and instead I'm just going to make my original point, Man is a title, and lots of males, adult or not, don't deserve to wear this hat.

First lets define what a Man is, obviously some of you may read this and disagree with me but then again it's probably because you're not Men, your just an "adult" male. Ryan Michler over at

Order of Man believes a Man does three core things which are they Protect, Provide, and Preside.

Lets examine these a bit more and the difference in mindset between Men and Males.

Protect - A Man must be able to protect not only themselves physically but mentally, and emotionally, as well, in addition to protecting their loved ones, whether that be family or friends or even the community he belongs to.

A male may only believe its his job to protect himself and many believe its the roll of the police to protect not his.

Provide - A Man must be able to financially take care of himself and others. He needs to make more than his share and use the excess to create better lives for those around him.

A male will only make enough for himself and expect his significant other to foot their half. He will define and defend this as "modern", but in reality he's not willing to do what it takes to provide like that of the Man.

Preside - A Man will take the leadership role naturally and serve the position with integrity, accountability, and humility.

A male will allow others to take the role as they can't handle the responsibility that comes with it.

Today's males grow weaker and weaker, and less males are able to step up and take the title of Man. In no way am I shunning or attempting to belittle them. In many ways its not their fault. This modern culture and society makes it bad, wrong, and or "toxic" to display masculinity. It makes heroes out of halfwits. It steals the agency of young males that are attempting to make the transition to manhood and replaces it with blue pilled metropolitan hipsters and drug idled rappers and rock-stars as our role models. It makes addicts look cool, and their enablers noble. When that is what you have to look up to, its no wonder we have so many lost souls.

Thankfully there are ways to combat this growing epidemic. Here is a short list;

1. Lift weights - ya this is a common theme from myself and any other Man that hopes to help the upcoming generations. Lifting weights makes you strong and increases testosterone, aka the masculine hormone, which helps give us the drive to accomplish superlative goals. Being strong and having drive will help you tremendously in life despite what some "intellectuals" and other blue pilled betas would have you believe.

2. Figure out an in demand skill and master it - Whichever skill you decide on make sure it either brings in lots of money for your effort, brings you lots enjoyment or better yet both. Quick tip for figuring out what you will love, we as humans like what we're good it, getting good at something requires lots of time and effort, so remember no matter what you choose its going to take lots of time and effort, therefore choose something and stick with it. Beginnings are easy and exciting, its the middles that defeat most people.

3. Join an organization that fosters leadership - This doesn't mean you need to rush out and join the military, though that's not a bad idea if you think you're built for it. You can join many organizations depending on your likes and interests and work your way up through the ranks into a junior or senior leadership position. Whether its 4H, Scouts, Masons, your church, your choice, find one and excel.

You don't have to stay a weak male you can become a Man if you find value in this concept. You can disagree with me and say "I'm a man, I pay my bills and have my own place, I don't need to do all that shit" and that's fine but you wont have the balls to say it to my face, but a Man wouldn't need to because he would simply agree with what I've said.

Just remember you're born a male, you're made a Man.


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