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Is "even one life" really too many to loose?

Updated: Apr 26, 2020

Unpopular opinion warning. Like I really need to say that since its my fucking blog, I write what I want, but we're all being conditioned to give warnings and or explain our positions on everything these days.

Honestly I'm not here for that, I'm here to do my "work", (some call it art) and put it out into the world, be it writing, music, clothing, advice, or philosophy, overall its my energy.

Today I'm writing about the "even one life, is too many" philosophy that people all over social media and the mainstream news are espousing. If you don't know what that is, it's the theory that opening up the economy this soon is going to expose more people to Covid 19 too early in the virus's cycle spiking the numbers of infected; and in doing so kill more people. With lots of scientist, epidemiologist, and doctors now saying that the actual mortality rate is between 3-4% all the way down to .005% or lower (depends on who you believe) the question is, is opening the economy worth this many lives?

Is it "even worth one life"? Many say NO.

I could go on and on linking empirical data to support claims that keeping the economy closed will hurt and kill (suicide, homicide) many more people than the virus. We've already seen a rise in domestic abuse cases as is and we've only been shut down for a little over a month, imagine 6 months to a year as some health "experts" are claiming as necessary to "flatten the curve" or even 18 months for a reliable vaccine.

Bottom line I'll take my chances so open the economy. If I get the virus I promise not to go to the hospital and take up any of the precious medical supplies or nurses time. I will self quarantine and die in my house if that's the gods will. I'm 41 and have NEVER been to the doctor for ANYTHING, outside a blood and urine test which I paid for out of pocket, yay me right?

I can hear the virtue signalers now "But this isn't about you, it's about all the old , sick, weak, and scared people, you self righteous prick" and to my original point about "even one life is too many" my answer for those people is NO, one life is not too many. In fact lots of lives may need to be sacrificed in order for the rest of us to get back to running our businesses.

The healthy do not owe the sick anything, what we do for them is from our grace, and charitable nature. There have been (real) plagues and pandemics before and there will be again, and more people will die just as before. There is no need to stop the global economy because of it. Those who die, die. Whether I'm one of them or my friends and family makes no difference to anyone but myself. I simply don't care about people dying in Rwanda, or Italy, or China, or New York, or down the street for that matter. If I don't know you better yet if I don't like you, I DON'T CARE.

See I warned you it would be an unpopular opinion.

I honestly believe the only reason people say that they care is because in their minds they put themselves in the shoes of others, when they do that they say to themselves "what if it were my kids? What if I got my grandma sick, or my best friends grandma sick?" "that would be horrible" and it would be horrible, no doubt. It would be horrible because it was your kids, grandma, or best friends grandma. There is one other reason that people say they care soooo much and that's virtue signalling. For those that aren't up on what the hell that is, its when people (mostly on social media and or in public) want to appear like they have strong moral character with uber amounts of empathy, compassion, and righteousness for the politically correct and often global driven causes.

Here's a question, If you could magically become a millionaire over night and only one person some where in the world, who you never met, and were never given even a name, let alone a picture of them, had to die in order for you to receive the money, how fast would you do it?

If you're saying "I wouldn't do it", well then you got to my blog by accident somehow. I would do it without thinking about it just for the record, and for those of you out there who wouldn't good for you, you're either already millionaires, highly religious, or virtue signalers, give yourselves a round of applause.

Opening the economy isn't going to make most of us millionaires over night, for most of us its how we get by in this life, and life is hard, nature is unforgiving, and people are going to die either way.


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