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"We Start Warz"


Our name "Kamakazee" is controversial to some, and we've explained time and time again it has "zero" reference to the WW II japanese suicide pilots other than we are willing to die for what we belive in.

We're a strong brand we use a strong name period. 

You can only tell people this so many times before you just get tired of explaining it,  so ya thats what we are, fuck it, WE START WARZ!!!

W.S.W 2 Digital Camo - Green -

$25.00 Regular Price
$15.99Sale Price
Option 1: Green
  • 5.4 oz heavy weight 100% Cotton Tank.

  • 100% Return and Refund Policy!!! We back our products, customers, and word with the same integrity that we profess!! Simple as that!  

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