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"Run that mouth, Get these hands"


This is one of our favorite tag lines here at Kamakazee since the President along with many other team members are lifelong martial artists, and fighters. Too many people think their opinion matters or that they're bad dudes since they watch ALOT of UFC. Bahahahaa!! Truth is most people are little bitches, pussies, and full of shit! So if you're a dude or chick that can rock this shit then buy it, if you're one of these fuck boi's we're talking about well then I hear the GAP has some nice clothes!

Get These Hands

$25.00 Regular Price
$15.99Sale Price
  • 5.8 oz heavy weight 100% Cotton T , runs a bit small so if you want them tight order your normal size if you like them a bit looser order 1 size up.

  • 100% Return and Refund Policy!!! We back our products, customers, and word with the same integrity that we profess!! Simple as that!  

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