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Why "stay home stay safe" is garbage a hobo wouldn't eat.

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

Yep its going to be one of those rants where I just go off on how disgusted I am with weak people, brace yourselves.

If I have to see one more facebook post, or news article about "stay home, stay soft.. er safe" Im going to loose my fucking mind.

Lets look at some of the reasons "experts" give to stay home.

1. "Stay home if you're immune impaired", I couldn't agree more with this, some people don't have good immune systems so it makes sense for them to shelter in place.

2. "Stay home if you're sick", duh, obviously this is a no brainer.

3. "Stay home if you're over 60" what? assuming I'm in good health by 60, and I will be, this isn't a reason to stay home. I mean yes stay home if you're super old, no one wants you out and about driving 40 in a 65 anyway.

4. "Stay home because you may by asymptomatic" sure this is a understandable if and only if everyone you come into contact with is immune impaired, or is a baby with no developed immune system, if they're healthy adults this doesn't matter because as we have seen it really only has devastating effects on those who have underlying health issues.

5. "Stay at home because its the socially responsible thing to do" Sorry this a thinly veiled manipulation tactic that only works on guilt ridden weaklings. I don't carry around a lot of guilt, shame, or fear, so playing on those emotions won't work. I don't have much empathy outside of my tribe either, humans are tribal by the way, its actually impossible to care about more than 150 to 200 people in actuality. I know a lot of us believe different but ask your self if you even know more than 150 people, then ask yourself of all those people you know how many of them do you even like.

6. "Stay at home because we said so" Ya fuck that, this is where I start losing my god damn mind and go all full Libertarian on mother fuckers. I've despised authority since the day I was born. I don't do what people tell me to do, I do what I want. My entire way of life revolves around this concept.

Quarantine the sick, self quarantine the scared. By this time we all know the "pandemic" is all but bullshit, numbers being padded by both the CDC and WHO, death certificates being falsified, corrections to earlier estimates of dead severely over blown, loons like Bill Gates being brought on every leftist news channel to peddle his vaccine doctrine as the new miracle cure "as seen on TV". This circus and its clowns need chased out of our cities and states but that’s another rant for another time.

Our lives will end one way or another, but liberty must persist for the future generations, hence why liberty is greater than life itself, and tyranny of any type be it large or small need be pushed back against.


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