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Why self-reliance is self-explanatory

Society would have you believe that following the herd is the smart and prudent thing to do, especially these days. They would have you trust your institutions over your instincts. Believe in your government instead of your gut. When in reality it would behoove everyone to emphatically do the opposite. This seems self explanatory right? Am I crazy to think this way? Does the government or financial institutions have our backs? HAHAHAHAHAHA! Ya right!! Even if you qualify to receive your pittance of a stimulus check is that really going to cover all your bills? Of course not, these are obviously rhetorical questions, as we all know the answer. So if we all know what the answer is then the real question is what are we doing about it.

As much as I would love to rip into and rant about the government, health organizations and the banking industry, this post isn't about them, its about YOU. As in what are YOU doing to help YOU. Because that's the only person who actually cares. Its not the banks, not the W.H.O., definitely not the government, If you're lucky you have a good family that cares or a few close friends and if so count your blessings. Even then we're still on our own, its our job to take care of our selves. It always has been and it always will be. I'm of course talking to you out there who are leaders, or at least those of us who want to be, those of us who are going to need to be for our loved ones whether or not we want to be. Those of us that realize this is just the beginning of something much bigger, a shift, a drastic change in the way our world operates we need to become

self reliant.

This self reliance will be different for each of us. Here is a short, scaled down list to get started.

1. Financially - Horde your money like a dragon, only spend what you need at this time. Make sure to list out what those needs really are and how much they cost. I'm not going to go total crazy and tell you to start putting your money in silver, gold, and crypto but diversification isn't a bad thing. Have cash on hand if you can. Obviously some of us wont be able to do these things as we've been caught off guard by the current crisis. Remember this situation, get a good picture of it, because its not over and it WILL happen again in our lifetime.

2. Physically - Exercise, both cardio and strength training are needed. We must be strong and have the stamina to sustain hard work. I would also suggest training a combat sport or combatives course for self defense. Don't be afraid to train hard and sweat. The more we sweat in training, the less we bleed in battle. Sweat is your friend.

3. Mentally - You and you alone are the guard of your mind. Don't consume garbage that clouds your judgement or makes you overly fearful. Fortune favors the bold. Meditate if you can, get 7-8 hours of quality sleep. Eat whole foods, unprocessed meat, unprocessed grains, vegetables and fruits, legumes. Stay away from processed sugar and junk food, we all know what that constitutes junk food.

4. Emotionally - If you have the above short list under control then your emotions will be balanced, they will work with you not against you. When fear rears its ugly head, seek the things you can control and work on them.

In closing there are plenty of things left off the above list like,

-plant a garden to grow your own food

-buy raw material and learn to sew

-buy guns and ammo, get good with them

-learn herbology

-raise your own animals

-learn basic first aid

and so on and so forth with a vast array of many more incredible skills that can and would be of great help to master. The downfall to these are they're very time consuming and not necessarily a good fit for a lot of people and their current way of life at this time. Though a lot more of us should seriously be thinking about changing our current way of life, before someone else changes it for us.


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